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Hurricane Camille, 1969 (by D. E. Brady)

"Cornstalk" and the Kerr's Creek Indian massacres of 1759 and 1763 (by Henrietta Dunlap)



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About Rockbridge Epilogues

This series consists of papers that have been presented to scholarly organizations in Lexington and the Rockbridge area – mainly the two discussion societies, the Fortnightly and Ignorance Clubs (each now in existence for more than a hundred years), and various forums at the three colleges, Washington and Lee University, Virginia Military Institute and Southern Virginia University.

In all cases, the papers meet four criteria:

The Rockbridge Epilogues series is published with the blessing of the two area historical organizations, Historic Lexington Foundation and Rockbridge Historical Society.

There are no restrictions against using these articles with attribution. Illustrations may also be reproduced with credit to the original source, where noted.

Numbered endnotes are the author’s. Footnotes using symbols, and comments in square brackets, have been added by the editor.

This project would have been impossible without the help of the Special Collections librarians at Washington and Lee University, in particular Tom Camden (head), Byron Faidley and — especially — Lisa McCown. Originals of many of the papers reprinted here are held in the W&L Special Collections.

The editor is Bob Keefe. An informal kitchen cabinet reviews suggested topics and final papers: Dr. Beverly Tucker and Suzanne Barksdale Rice, of the Historic Lexington Foundation, and Rich Hubbard, of the Rockbridge Historical Society.

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